A couple buys two shipping containers and transforms them into an amazing home with everything. Photos and video below

The ideal home is a place for friends and family to congregate and share good times together.
Each of us has a mental image of our ideal home.

While some may picture themselves in a luxurious high-rise, others may picture themselves in a humble farmhouse.

If you could have everything in the world, it would be the ability to build your dream home and move in with your loved ones.

The time had come for a charming couple in Cowlitz County, Washington, to make their long-held goal a reality.

In order to build their ideal home, they chose to begin with two shipping containers.

Living Big In A Tiny House tells the narrative of Jamie and Dave, whose tiny house lifestyle both inspires and instructs.

They’re Putting Up a House for Good

Bryce Langston, the show’s host, flew all the way to Cowlitz County, Washington, to meet an inspirational couple and see their incredible house.

The house in the article was made from a 40-foot shipping container and an additional 20-foot container on top.

This beautiful and modern house is likely to be an inspiration, but just like other success stories, it wasn’t an overnight success.

When Jamie and Dave finally discovered their ideal property, they made the decision to sell their house in Vancouver, Washington.

Their blog, That Tiny Life Love, states the following:

‘We obtained our property from a private party for a reasonable price on Craigslist. It was a goat route running along the mountainside when we bought it.

They were thrilled because they wanted to start building their dream home as soon as possible, and living debt- and mortgage-free was their top priority.

The couple then began construction on their ideal home, but there were other difficulties.

For 10 months, the couple worked their regular jobs while continuing to build on their home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

You’d assume that the labor, the cost, and balancing their work would be the biggest obstacles for them, but that wasn’t the case.

The couple didn’t anticipate having a significant issue while constructing their home.

When Dave experienced significant brain bleeding one day, their hopes and aspirations nearly came to an end.

Jaime made sure her husband knew how much she loved him by remaining by his side at all times.
We’re building a house, I don’t have time for this, her husband muttered to Jaime.

She was confident that they would prevail and that their strength lay in unity.

According to Jaime in her interview, she never left his side and remarked, ‘This was my best friend and this was not how our story was supposed to go.’

They put in a lot of effort over the course of three months to be able to restore his voice, senses, and essentially everything he need.

The environment surrounding their project was utilised by their therapist to help Dave regain his strength.

The couple claimed that while this incident delayed them down, they ultimately overcame everything and managed to complete their home in ten months.

Goals are realized.

It was now time for them to give a tour of their lovely home after telling their motivational narrative.

You would be in awe of their landscaping and garden even before you entered their home.

people also have hammocks where people may unwind and converse while enjoying the fresh air and greenery.

You’d assume a professional was responsible for all of the work, but the couple’s dedication and love were what made it all possible.

It’s time to look inside.

You would see their lovely fireplace in front of their little yet comfortable couch as soon as they welcomed Bryce inside their house.

Then, their wonderful kitchen is the highlight of the first floor. Jaime made sure she had enough room in her kitchen for such a little place.

They claimed that their dining room area can fit six individuals. She also talked about how she could move around easily and use full-sized appliances in their small house.

The large bathroom in their house is another highlight.

They desired a bathroom where they wouldn’t feel confined while moving around, taking a bath, or getting dressed.

They had a sizable pantry and closet area as well. You wouldn’t even guess that their first level was a shipping container from inside.

The design was amazing and well-thought out.

Now, their bedroom can be seen on the second story.

Jaime and Dave desired a room with lots of windows so they could take in the breathtaking view of the forest.

The struggles the couple overcame to build this lovely home not only impressed, but astounded Bryce. There was definitely cause for celebration.

There are no road noises, pollution, or stressors in the view from their house, thus it is undoubtedly soothing.

It was their ideal house, a source of pride for them both, a project that deepened their relationship, and a project that gave Dave a second chance at life.

A place where they may retire, hold hands, and look back on their lives together.

Jaime and Dave wrote about their experience in their blog and stated that they hoped to inspire others with it.

‘Dave and I said to Bryce & Rasa that, although we were incredibly grateful that they wanted to film in our home,

what we really wanted to share was our story of love and tenacity in the face of adversity. We prayed that sharing would be worthwhile if it even just touched one person’s life.

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