Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, has opened up about his struggles with mental health. His story will break your heart

Even the most stoic and level-headed person can experience the harshness of life. Unexpected events can happen and rock and upend your reality.

Even the greatest wealth and fame cannot protect a person from facing challenging situations.

In a YouTube video, Dwayne Johnson discussed two instances in which he struggled with mental health issues.

He made explicit reference to dealing with a divorce as well as when he eventually understood that his college football career was ended.

Both circumstances resulted in terrifying times in his life.

The star of ‘Red Notice’ admitted, ‘I quit school.’ ‘Interestingly, I had no concept of mental health at the time.

I had no concept of depression. I was there, but I just didn’t want to be. He also talked about how his broken marriage left him in a horrible emotional state.

When I got divorced, I had to go through it all over again, Dwayne remarked. ‘But at the time I knew what it was. And fortunately, I had some pals I could rely on at the moment.

Dwayne claimed in a message shared on Instagram that he has worked to better prepare himself for circumstances like these throughout the years.

The Hollywood A-lister also mentions in the interview how much his children have improved his mental health.

My daughters, all three of them, have really been my saving grace, Dwayne remarked. And the saving grace has

been being a girl dad. ‘I mean, truly, this is what it’s all about,’ you think as you gaze upon them.

There is One upon whom we may trust in those tough times, no matter what the situation or circumstances may be. The Bible states that God will never abandon us.

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