At a wedding, a young girl begins to dance the Irish jig, but her adorable brother steals the show.

With the band they hired, Diane and Steve elevated their wedding to a completely new level.

To break up the snarls, they hired a live Irish band. Then there’s a young nine-year-old Irish dancer who is quite skilled.

When everything is combined, they boost the level of excitement to heights that very few receptions ever attempt to reach.

You should be aware of the Paul Moore Band if you enjoy Irish music and Celtic Rock and are from the East Coast.

Irish Weekend in North Wildwood, New Jersey, is represented by the band.

Diane and Steve were certain that their wedding celebration would be remembered for all the right reasons if they could secure the Paul Moore Band to play.

This evening will live in memory forever.

The group got ready to perform on stage and made the decision to open with a well-known Irish folk music classic.

As the band plays ‘I’ll Tell Me Ma’s’ fast-paced rhythm, Paul Moore commands the visitor to join hands.The song has been recorded numerous times and is a favorite among young people.

The song’s lyrics, also referred to as ‘The Belle of Belfast City,’ can be altered to reference your own city.

You can’t just have a live band at your wedding reception if you want it to be legendary.

Yes, it is a step up from giving your 12-year-old nephew control of an iPod, but to become legendary, you need to have a competitive edge.

At that point, the nine-year-old niece enters the dance floor and executes a performance that electrifies the crowd.

She is prepared and primed. She is dressed appropriately for the occasion and is wearing the appropriate footwear.

She is poised and well-practiced.

She warms up by circling the dance floor before the band begins the tune to show everyone she means business.

The black-suited ringbearer is becoming increasingly agitated. He really wants to get involved and wreck the dance floor.

He is watching her movements closely and trying his hardest. He is so eager to be in the spotlight that he can hardly wait.

Paul Moore performs what he does best at a high point in the song by exhorting listeners to have the fun of their life tonight.

‘Who’s going to join her out there?’ he shouts into the microphone. Come on now!’

The ringbearer responds by turning to face Paul Moore and asking, ‘Are you for real? On the dance floor, we can join her.

Then he runs away. He has now entered there and is following the young girl’s example.

Both of them are nimble on their feet, and the audience becomes even more engaged. The bride’s grandmother then quickly moves to the music. It’s an amazing moment to witness.

The small child stomps and kicks along to the music, lifting the band to new heights.
Given that they weren’t even prepared for this, the wedding guests are becoming excited.

The couple had the ideal wedding. Old and young guests alike enjoyed their reception, which will go down in history.

They will remember this party for years to come.

This young lady performed so beautifully. It’s undoubtedly a memorable evening.

Check out the video below to see the entire dance for yourself!

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