Elementary teachers dressed up as adorable babies and put on the most hilarious talent show skit with their students! It was absolutely priceless! Video

It’s challenging to imagine your teachers as anything other than an authoritative figure when you’re in elementary school,

heck, even in middle school and beyond, going through basic math and spelling drills, telling Johnny to stop messing around in the back, and snatching notes away from Susie.

They did not arrive on the scene fully formed, poised, and prepared to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

They were once starving college students, SAT crammers, and third-grade students before that.
However, they were newborns before all of that, just like the rest of us.

And, as the instructors of Wilmore Elementary School proved at a talent show, they have the same specific requirements as newborns anywhere else.

like playing with toys, blankets, and rattles while waiting for lunch…

During the humorous talent performance, these ‘babies,’ who undoubtedly represent all of the school’s employees,

suffer all of this everyday grind-related stuff to varying degrees. However, mutiny starts when ‘Mom’ declares, ‘It is time to change the babies!’

In the video below, these ‘babies’ treat this mother badly. Share to make others laugh!

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