Her dog was found two years and a thousand miles later; the first meeting will break you

Zeus, a little Pug-nosed Terrier owned by Debbie Petranck, vanished from his yard in Ocala, Florida, leaving her in a complete state of dread.

She searched the region and made sporadic visits to the city’s animal shelters, but her beloved dog friend was nowhere to be seen.

Zeus’ distraught owner began publicizing his disappearance in the local newspaper by posting a ‘lost dog’ notice each week.

Twenty-four months after Zeus vanished, Debbie received a panicked call from the Friends of the Dearborn Animal Shelter staff.

She fell into a stunned paralysis when she learned that her beloved tiny puppy had been found and that it was in Detroit, more than a thousand miles away.

Debbie jumped in her car and made the fastest trip there as soon as she learned that her child was in the shelter.

Around this time, according to reports, Zeus was residing with a man who had saved the dog from Florida’s streets after it had spent time there as a ‘stray.’

Zeus managed to leave his new home in Michigan after the owner later moved to Michigan with him, and the dog wound up in Detroit!

After some time, he was adopted by a local animal shelter, and Debbie was shown to have been his prior owner thanks to a scan of his microchip!

When Debbie learned she had found her much-loved pet, she was ecstatic, but by the time she arrived at the shelter, she was a frightened wreck.

She feared that Zeus may not remember her after all this time, and this filled her with dread. Zeus sprung to his feet and went up to his loving mother as soon as he saw her, though.

One of the most endearing scenes we have seen in a while is when Debbie and Zeus finally cross paths again.

As a result, having a pet’s microchip inserted has become increasingly important in recent years.

The happy ending to this story gives the several other dog owners who are still hunting for their lost pets a ray of hope.

Zeus and Debbie, who had been apart for two dreadful years, were eventually reunited, and the joyous occasion is depicted in the video down below.

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