You won’t believe what this family did! They all wore their wedding dresses to a dinner at a restaurant. See the reason

The selection of the ideal wedding gown is, for the majority of brides, one of the highlights of the planning process.

When choosing their wedding dresses, many brides ask the assistance of their friends and relatives.

Finding the ideal outfit and wearing it on their special day will always be remembered fondly.
But it’s no secret that wedding gowns are frequently very expensive.

The Knot estimates that the typical wedding gown will cost $1,900 in 2022. Even though it may seem like a lot of money to spend on a single day,

many individuals believe it is worthwhile because they will always have the memories. On the other hand, a certain set of women made the decision that it was time to wear their pricey gowns.

After publishing an Instagram image in May 2023 of themselves going out to dinner while wearing their wedding gowns, a Texas mother,

her four children, and two of her daughters-in-law attracted much attention. Terri Bonin is the mother of 11 children ranging in age from 9 to 31, according to PEOPLE.

She stated that it is a monthly tradition for her, her daughters, and her daughters-in-law ‘to get out

together without husbands or toddlers and eat and talk late into the night.’ Wearing glitzy attire is the perfect approach to shake up the ritual a little.

The women defended their position by pointing out that their dresses cost a lot of money and that they ought to

be worn out so that more people could see them. Unsurprisingly, they attracted a lot of attention from onlookers who were astounded by their attire.

Alexis Houston, the daughter of Bonin, shared a video of the brides wearing their wedding gowns on Instagram in May 2023.

We decided to make this an annual practice because the most expensive dresses we had should be worn and loved for more than just one day in our life, according to the caption of the video.

‘100/10 recommend doing this,’ she continued. I love it SO much. Can’t say we didn’t like the attention, she continued.

Kate, who is single but still donned a dress, Madeleine, Annalise, and Bonin’s daughters-in-law Hannah Joy and Sydnie were also in the group.

Bonin reportedly misplaced her wedding gown, but Sydnie had lent Kate her high school prom gown a few years before, so Bonin wore that instead, according to PEOPLE.

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