Johnny Depp, 60, has addressed reports that he is dating Jenna Ortega, 20, despite Ortega’s repeated requests for people to ‘Leave Us Alone.’

Hollywood rumor mongers were busy in 2023 promoting the untrue rumor that Johnny Depp, who was 60 at the time, was dating actress Jenna Ortega, who was 20.

The two people are currently the subject of a flurry of brand-new romance rumors that are swirling about them.

Rumors have suggested that both the seasoned actor Johnny Depp and the up-and-coming star Kenny Ortega,

whose most recent work was for Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’ series on Netflix, are associated with the project.

But each famous person has absolutely denied any reports of a love relationship between them, calling the claims untrue.

The 60-year-old star just received a standing ovation that lasted seven minutes during the world premiere of his film ‘Jeanne Du Barry’ at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023.

Depp claimed that he felt rejected by Hollywood following his highly publicized legal battles with his ex-wife Amber Heard the previous year. These disputes occurred the year before.

He was forced to consider his choices as a result of the stressful incident in his life, which had an impact on his career. This suggests that he will carve a new path away from the spotlight of Hollywood.

In 2012, Ortega started his acting career as a child. He has worked on the creation of horror movie series like ‘Scream’ and ‘Insidious.’

Although the rising singer was born in California, his family has roots in both Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Since she started performing at such a young age, Ortega admitted in a 2021 interview with Cosmopolitan that she didn’t

have a typical childhood and that she never went to high school, prom, or graduated. This was a result of her early acting career.

She received a lot of media attention for her portrayal of the ghastly adolescent Wednesday Addams.

However, both fans and people who work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry have questioned the veracity of the latest Johnny Depp relationship rumor.

The now-defunct celebrity gossip account Deux Moi once claimed that the two had been seen together in an Instagram Story,

which helped propagate the rumor that the two were dating. It is significant to note that no tangible evidence or pictures were provided to support this claim.

As soon as word of the story spread, Depp’s team immediately released a statement.

The statement claims that neither Mr. Depp nor Ms. Ortega are related personally or professionally.

She is the first person he has ever spoken to or even seen. He is not currently working on any projects with her and has no intention of doing so any time soon.

He finds it unfathomable that someone would spread such vile and unfounded rumors about him in an effort to harm his reputation and career.

On the other hand, Ortega set the record straight by releasing a clarification of the issue on her Instagram Story.

She was adamant that she had never met the actor who portrays Captain Jack Sparrow.

The young star said, ‘This is so ridiculous that I can’t even laugh.’ She continued by asking with both her

followers and the broader populace to refrain from spreading false stories. Then, she added, ‘Leave us alone.’

Some fans assumed that the two actors would collaborate on the upcoming film ‘Beetlejuice 2,’ which is now in production,

because Ortega is connected to the project. However, sources claim that Depp won’t be taking part in

the follow-up, which will be directed by Burton, who has already worked with the actor on multiple occasions.

Vanity Fair referred to Deux Moi as an ‘accidental gossip queen” when her Instagram account began to flourish during the outbreak.

However, the account’s creator has chosen to maintain their anonymity. There is a disclaimer on the account of Deux Moi, who is known for distributing anonymous rumors and tips.

A disclaimer is there, which states, among other things, that ‘some statements made on this account have not

been independently confirmed” and that the account ‘does not claim information published is based on fact.’

In June 2023, Ortega used social media to discuss her struggles and how she handled the hostile climate.

She went on to clarify that in order to prevent misconceptions, she is cautious about the stuff that she uploads on social media.

She also said that as her fame increased, notably following the publication of the song ‘Wednesday,’

she encountered an increasing number of online trolls. The song Wednesday was the one that brought her the most success.

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