If you can find all the faces in the picture, your IQ is above average …

Those who spent their childhood without gadgets know exactly how much fun puzzles can be. I especially liked the graphic ones, where you don’t have to read or count a lot.

You seem to be having fun, relaxing, but at the same time you are developing attention and non-standard thinking.

I suggest you take a little break and distract yourself with an interesting puzzle. You just need to answer how many faces you see in the picture.

The author of the drawing, which I will show you now, was no slouch. Do you think he just took and painted a portrait of a sad man?

Here and not. I will reveal a secret and say that more than one person is depicted in the picture. How many of them, you have to find out.

If you can find all the faces in the picture, it means that your intelligence level is much higher than average.

The fact is that it involves not only your attention, but also your thinking. And you have to think big to overcome this problem.

You can complicate the task and complete the task on time. But this is optional. Here, at least, without taking into account the time to figure it out.

Remember that you can always use the help of the audience. Call the household, send the puzzle to your friends.And even if it doesn’t work out like that, see the answer at the end of the article.

You will find more interesting puzzles for every taste and color in the ‘Pump your brain’ section of our website.

We promise that there will be no boring tasks that you have to blow on. Plus, you can always cheat and hint.

But I advise you to do this only as a last resort. And then you will break all the fun of solving yourself.Search for tasks of your choice and have fun with the benefits.

The answer to the face puzzle

Let’s go back to our puzzle. If you thought that there are many faces in the picture, then it is not so.

Actually there are only two of them. But the second is not easy to see. You will succeed if you cover the

right side of the picture with a leaf or palm. See? The man appears to be looking behind an obstacle.

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