A man and his daughter’s stepfather have an unforgettable moment as the man walks his daughter down the aisle.

It’s important to have a box of tissues on hand during wedding season in case you experience an emotional outpouring.

Guests, including the bride’s and groom’s loved ones, often find themselves overcome with emotion during the ceremony.

Involved in this holy festival is a great deal of affection and development. TikTok user @_kelseygriffith_ (real name: Kelsey Griffith) posted a touching moment between her dad and her stepdad on her big day.

As she walked down the aisle, Griffith posted a sweet moment between her father and stepfather on TikTok.

In order to share the occasion with Griffith’s stepfather Andy, her father’s decision to walk his daughter down the aisle was made.

As the bride made her way down the aisle, the wedding party watched in blessing and love. Her father extended an invitation to her stepfather

to join them farther down the aisle, halfway before she could reach the altar. He calmly came to a stop,

extended a handshake, and welcomed Andy to join them. As they made their way to the altar, the father-son team carried their daughter.

Griffith had a double reward from having her father marry her because both of her fathers participated in the traditional ritual.

The video’s caption read: “My dad surprised my stepdad by including him in our walk down the aisle.’

When Griffith’s father shared the memory that he cherishes, many comments were moved to tears. @denisenatanschaack stated,

‘Two good men raised you!’ ‘My dad gave up half of his father-daughter dance to my stepdad,” said @ashlee3312.

I had no notion of his plan until he executed it!’ The celebration of the significant occasion was inclusive and joyous since it embraced the concept of mixed families.

Griffith also shared a photo on Instagram, where she provided some background information about the incident.

She captioned a few pictures of her dads walking down the aisle with her and uploaded them on social media.

We kept it a secret up until the wedding, so when we included him, everyone was shocked, she added. She added that Griffith had been helped by her stepfather Andy since she was nine years old.

‘He deserved a little appreciation on our wedding day,” I said. Griffith expressed pride in her father’s generosity and selflessness in her caption.

She praised her father for including him, saying, ‘It was a very kind and humble gesture, and I’m beyond proud of my dad for doing so.’

She added a video to her post that showed the bridesmaids’ and groom’s reactions. The group wept at the sight and was in utter awe.

As Griffith finished the trek to start a new chapter in her life, she held her heroes with pride in her arms.

Instagram users who commented on the post were very emotional after seeing the reactions and learning the background. @mariaxlegend commented, “This is gorgeous.

I adore how every bridesmaid sheds a tear as well. The commenter @tzerimae commented, “You will make a good wife, born from and raised by good fathers.’

Griffith’s father’s brief, straightforward action left their entire family with a calming memory that

they will cherish forever. His thoughtful action demonstrated that family could transcend all barriers!

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