After 4 years of absence, the girl wanted to surprise her mother on her birthday, but what happened next…

The success and contentment of one’s offspring is the single most important thing to a parent. If it meant a better life for their offspring,

there isn’t much a parent wouldn’t do to make sacrifices for their offspring. On the other hand,

as all parents are aware, their offspring will eventually mature into adults and start their own lives away from home.

This means that parents might not get to spend as much time with their children as they would prefer.

There are times in the life of an adult kid when circumstances force them to relocate hundreds or even thousands of miles away from their mother and father.

Although parents understand that it is important for their children to have the freedom to direct their

own lives, this does not mean that they take pleasure in spending time apart from their children.

A mom talks about how much she missed her grown-up daughter in a little video that was uploaded to YouTube.

The woman can be seen in the beginning of the forty-second footage standing still and surprisingly at the rear of an opened van. The clip was recorded in the Philippines.

Behind the woman is a van that has been decked out with birthday decorations, including gold and green balloons as well as text to signify

that the occasion is a birthday party. The woman was standing with her back to the vehicle when suddenly an unexpected event occurred just behind her.

A young woman can be seen emerging from the front passenger side door of the vehicle as it swings open. She is carrying a bouquet of flowers and is dressed in a cap and a face mask.

The video includes text that explains that the woman holding the flowers is the daughter of the woman who is currently waiting close to the vehicle.

They have not come into contact with one another in the past four years. The younger woman has been absent because she has been working in another country.

The young woman’s feelings are immediately triggered the moment she is reunited with her mother.

As the mother collapses into her daughter for an embrace, she suddenly starts crying out of shock and astonishment.

Moments later, the mother passes out from the shock and surprise. They are both brought to their knees.

The video comes to a close with the two of them standing back up, but the mother keeps her grip on her kid the entire time.

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