An Elderly Woman Stuns Everyone in the Crowd with Her Piano Performance…

An elderly pianist in the movie ‘Life Goes On in Iran’ demonstrates that playing music may be a source of renewed vitality.

The piano’s condition may be less than ideal, but it doesn’t diminish the audience’s awe as our pianist plays brilliantly despite the instrument’s flaws.

The identity of our mysterious pianist was revealed when the video went viral. Eleonora Arkadevya Breslav, a Russian from Kazan, is who she is.

She completed her studies at the Kazan Music College in 1953 and spent the next five years working as an accompanist there.

At the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, one of the premier opera and ballet venues in the world, Eleonora also served as an accompanist.

One YouTube user said, ‘If her fingers are so dexterous at this age, you can just imagine what she was like when she was young.’

Many of the other people who left comments on the video mentioned how happy she was the entire time.

The videographer gushes, ‘I love her smile at the end of the video.’ And we agree.

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