This nine-year-old dressmaker has a closet full of costumes she has created on her own.

What were you doing when you were nine years old? You’ll probably react by claiming that you were too busy playing with

your toys and video games, watching amusing videos online, or going for a walk around the neighborhood.

Since Vera Wang is one of the most well-known and successful fashion designers in the world, not many

young people can say that she gave them a sewing machine and encouraged them to use it to produce their own garments.

9-year-old Colorado native Kaia Aragon has been making headlines in the fashion industry and becoming popular on TikTok.

Her mother Tonya shared her first fashion creation on TikTok, where it was viewed by over 1.2 million users.

However, this did not just happen one day out of the blue. Kaia’s mother has been training her to sew ever since she was five years old.

Tonya gave Kaia her first sewing machine in the year 2020 and showed her how to use it. But Tonya was only able

to impart to Kaia the principles of stitching little blankets and quilts; she was unable to impart any further knowledge.

Kaia started with making a bed for her cat, then she made a wallet, and then she started making clothes for herself.

Her black T-shirt dress with orange fox patterns was a head-turning ensemble that had everyone in awe. They assert that what transpired after that has since become history.

At this point, Kaia started to pursue her talent for fashion design more seriously. In January 2018,

Kaia’s mother uploaded a photo of her daughter wearing a pink and black dress to TikTok. The post had over 14.3 million views.

At the moment, Kaia’s closet is overflowing with all of the original creations she has made.

Even though she is still quite young, Kaia has no trouble coming up with ideas and also has a keen sense of style and the ability to carry them off.

Everything inspired her to be creative. She once created a brilliantly colored, sleeveless dress that was influenced by Encanto and gained over a million views on TikTok.

Even Nick Verreos, one of the judges on ‘Project Runway,’ threw Kaia a challenge and requested that she create an

outfit inspired by figure skating. She made a garment for her that looked lovely on her and had a pink bodice and glittering skirt.

A drawing is usually how designers start their process. On the other hand, Kaia usually chooses a fabric first before starting anything else.

She enjoys dealing with any form of soft and stretchy material. Kaia will pick the material that is most comfortable, even if it is beautiful to look at but uncomfortable to wear.

Furthermore, the young fashion designer asserts that she has always had a thing for dressing in unique items.

Even if it first doesn’t appear like the pieces would go well together, after she puts an article of clothing on, she always discovers that it is just wonderful.

Vera Wang, a well-known fashion designer, grew interested in Kaia as her creations were bolder and more creative every time.

In February of last year, a well-known fashion designer sent her a sewing machine, a backpack, and a

handwritten note to congratulate her and wish her luck as she pursued her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Kaia admitted that she knew nothing about Vera Wang previous to receiving the gift. She is now obsessed on the designer,

though, and she frames the handwritten note and hangs it on the wall of her bedroom to act as inspiration for her.

Tonya watches videos on YouTube that she thinks will help Kaia better her craft so that she can teach Kaia new techniques and skills to advance her career.

And even though Kaia has already enjoyed success and recognition, she still maintains a realistic outlook on life.

Has Kaia had any lofty goals for the future? Definitely! One of Kaia’s life objectives is to someday design a look for Zendaya, who is one of her favorite celebs.

She also hopes to co-found a prosperous fashion business with her best friend while studying design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

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