A 94-year-old woman travels 2,700 miles across the country to say her final goodbyes to her 90-year-old sister.

Not goodbye, but rather see you later. The 94-year-old Barbara Carolan went over 3,000 miles

across the nation to meet her 90-year-old sister Shirley one final time before they ‘see each other in heaven.’

Stephanie Atkinson Shively, Barbara’s 47-year-old granddaughter, traveled with the nonagenarian and covertly recorded the heartbreaking incident on tape.

It took years for the sisters to finally reunite. Neither sister was allowed to travel for three years as a result of the pandemic.

However, Barbara traveled 2,700 miles from New Hampshire to Nevada after careful planning in order to meet her sister, presumably for the last time.

‘They waited so long to see each other, and if you don’t know if you’re going to see someone again, you know, especially siblings, it must be really hard,’ Shively said to WMUR.

Barbara’s granddaughter recalls her saying, ‘I really think this will be the last time I see my sister.’

Together for several days, Barbara and Shirley reminisced about the past and relished each other’s company.

The sisters’ final talk before Barbara had to go back home touched the hearts of millions of people. Barbara informed her younger sister, ‘We had a wonderful, wonderful time.’

Shirley declared, ‘If we don’t see each other [again] on this earth, we’ll see each other in heaven.’

It’s ‘You betcha, you betcha.’
Shirley pleaded with her sister to delay the farewell.

I won’t do that! I will not be saying farewell to you in any way, Barbara retorted. Until our next encounter.

Stephanie shared the emotional chat between her sister and grandmother for her family to watch, so she was surprised the next day to realize that it had millions of views.

Later, she remarked that the video served as a reminder to cherish the memories they had with their loved ones.

And if that wasn’t enough, Stephanie also caught Barbara giving Shirley one last wave before she left.

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