An infant attends a church service, is deeply affected by the hymns, and begins to enthusiastically sing with others…

A major milestone is reached when infants start to speak their first words. When they say ‘mama’ or ‘dada,’ the entire world seems to stop in astonishment.

This usually happens a few months after birth. Despite only being a few months old, this baby is already on

the edge of making an impression because they are almost ready to vocalize words and blend in with their church family.

A woman starts singing to a young child on a church pew while she is seated and sings a hymn about Jesus.

She is shocked when the baby starts to interact with her and tries to sing along with her. This wonderful event is swiftly caught on camera.

What he does next stuns everyone as he looks up at the woman with his big puppy dog eyes.

In response, he begins to sing. It is clear that he is making every attempt to express himself and sing along with the woman who is embracing him,

despite the fact that he is unable to speak the exact words with accuracy. He even makes eye contact

and looks to be carefully considering the song’s words while diligently trying to mimic her vocals.

The woman has a pleasant voice, perhaps as a result of her experience in church hymns and prayers. Probably for the first time, she is teaching a newborn to sing.

The people in the area are soaking up the moment and considering the baby to be incredibly adorable.

‘He’s going to get the Holy Ghost tonight!’ shouts a voice from behind the camera. The infant almost sings in tune; we can almost hear him saying, ‘Hallelujah!’

We are fortunate that whoever took the video of the incident posted it to YouTube. The video has received thousands of likes,

many comments, and more than a million views since it was posted. It is difficult to see how someone could object to such a cute film.

The comments were overwhelmingly supportive, praising the baby’s cuteness and the great talent he displays at such a young age. Even one observer said, ‘AND he’s singing on key!’

‘It was lovely. Another user claimed that when children sing, the heavens and the gates open.

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