How does the woman with the world’s biggest foot live now?

39-year-old American Tanya Herbert lives in Texas and boasts her own page in the Guinness Book of Records.

But the area where the woman lives turned out to cause many difficulties for Tanya.An American woman became famous across the country as the woman with the largest foot size in the world.

However, Madame Herbert does not lose her optimism and even manages to benefit from her inconvenient record.

I think you have already guessed what kind of difficulties pursued Tanya Herbert throughout her life.

Manufacturers of women’s clothing and shoes for some reason believe that all representatives of the fairer sex are more or

less built the same and should wear the same size. Readers whose sizes deviate somewhat from the norm will surely understand me.

If you are smaller than society is used to, you should look for clothes in your size in children’s departments.

Well, grown ladies have a choice: either you wear men’s suits and shoes, or you sew everything to order. And Madame Herbert has always been a woman of Rubensian proportions.

Sad story
Back in high school, Tanyan was already wearing 52-foot shoes. In all other respects, Herbert also wears large sizes.

Even in height, the American woman is only 6 centimeters behind the current owner of the world record, 215 centimeters Rumeys Gelgi.

Accordingly, Tanya had to sew all the clothes to order. And this is not cheap even in America. With shoes it was easier,

in the men’s sections you can find the right size shoes and boots. But, you understand, with such a wardrobe you have to forget about any femininity once and for all.

But Tanya Herbert is not used to dutifully endure the blows of fate. Due to her size and optimistic attitude, the American woman quickly became famous on social networks.

And in 2022, representatives of the Guinness Book of Records came to Tanya. Having made the necessary measurements,

the experts included Madame Herbert in their volume and provided a personalized certificate.

Tanya uses her popularity to do good deeds. She personally collaborates with several brands of clothes and shoes,

promoting the idea as simple as possible to the masses; plus size ladies also need a diverse wardrobe.

Tanya’s point of view finds a lively response in the hearts of her many companions in distress.

‘Now, having become the owner of the world record, I can somehow influence the situation. Women’s clothing and shoe manufacturers will finally start

working on models for ladies that don’t fit the image of the average woman. Tanya Herbert is sure.

And finally, the American woman has every opportunity to make a revolution in the field of women’s clothing.

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