In this adorable video, a cat and a newborn act identically… Cutest video below

Wilbur developed become Charlie’s human brother’s ideal pet. There’s a good chance Wilbur will be close by Charlie’s side wherever he is.

Whether it is time for lunch, a sleep, or playtime doesn’t matter. They are the very best of pals.

Charlie’s mother Amanda genuinely wonders if Wilbur considers himself to be a baby rather than a cat.

When Charlie is eating his meals, Wilbur anticipates obtaining the last bite of baby food. In fact,

Amanda had to childproof the house before Wilbur stopped prowling the cabinets in search of smashed peas and carrots since he loved baby food so much.

Wait until you see a clip of Wilbur snuggling and snoozing with an Elmo toy that he claimed as his own.

As if that weren’t enough to melt your heart. Charlie’s kind grandmother had purchased a plush Elmo for him.

Wilbur, though, asserted that the fuzzy character was his once he laid hands on it. That’s alright. Despite this, Charlie loves to play in his bouncer with Wilbur and bat at the toys.

Amanda claims that she was compelled to record the unique and priceless exchanges between Charlie and Wilbur

because they appeared to share a unique fraternal relationship. Cats are known to adore their human family members.

However, I think the majority of cats would avoid young children and infants. They frequently make a lot of noise, drool, and are boisterous.

Wilbur not only tolerates it but also goes everywhere Charlie does. Although I’m not sure if Wilbur would be prepared to bathe beside Charlie in the same tub.

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