Unusual-looking dog was abandoned for five years before a caring owner took him in and gave him a forever home.

Dogs are not only trustworthy companions when you need them emotionally, but they can also be trained to assist with household tasks.

It is common practice to inspect a dog’s outward appearance for signs of illness before deciding to adopt it as a family pet.

Sadly, there are dogs out there that don’t quite fit the stereotype, but who have good intentions and will be faithful to their master regardless of how they seem.

This is what happened to Beaux Tox, a yellow Labrador with some peculiar facial traits, when he found a location he could call home.

Jamie Hulit, an animal advocate, was captivated by a picture of the beautiful dog, as reported in an April 2018 Today article.

A mutual acquaintance had informed her that the people who owned Beaux (then known as Lucky) were trying to find a new home for him.

Without hesitating, Hulit informed her buddy that she would rather adopt him permanently than foster him.

After work that night, the woman paid a visit to the house where Beaux, then 6 years old, was staying. What she saw was not what she had hoped for.

Beaux had been living in the backyard for nearly five years with no human contact, which led to his poor condition; he weighed just 42 pounds and was infested with fleas.

Worse worse, he was infected with heartworm.

Hulit also discussed Beaux’s appearance with The Dodo in order to provide further context. His odd facial

feature is not life-threatening and has not had any impact on his personality, according to an MRI.

Because his mother was carrying six other puppies, he didn’t have much room to grow in the womb, which is why his face looks squished.

He was sadly given away for free because the breeder found it difficult to sell him due to his appearance. Hulit delivered him to the man, who found him in his backyard.

Due to the poor living conditions he had with his previous owner, local rescue organizations made every

effort to find him a new home by placing him with several foster homes, but they were ultimately unsuccessful and he was later returned.

I didn’t care how seriously ill he might be at that time. I really didn’t want him to be sent to the foster care system,’ Hulit continued.

When she took him to the doctor to check on his health, the results were more worse than she had anticipated, and Dr. Jay Rydberg even told her that Beaux had an equal chance of surviving or not.

Hulit claimed that despite this, she didn’t give up on him and didn’t care. Fortunately, Beaux was able to survive many medical treatments,

and although he had issues with his eyesight and even lost his hearing in his left ear due to ear mites, he at last found a family who would care for him for the remainder of his life.

Hulit continued, ‘He’s so full of life… and he’s simply brought so much to us.

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