When the teacher demonstrates a ‘difficult’ rhythmic dance for the students, they swiftly steal the show.

The ‘Last Song Syndrome’ (LSS) is what we refer to as that.

And one song in particular, ‘Borboletinha,’ is guaranteed to give you a severe case of LSS.

By itself, ‘Borboletinha’ may not seem familiar, but once you hear it, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love.

This tune, which translates to ‘little butterfly’ in Portuguese, is a well-known nursery rhyme.

These lyrics explain the story of a small butterfly in the kitchen for those of us who don’t speak Portuguese well.

For its godmother, this butterfly is currently preparing some chocolate. But things take a turn.
The elements, which include items like a wooden leg and a glass eye, are pretty uncommon.

This is when things start to get interesting.

A teacher is shown in a viral video instructing her students in a rhythmic dance to ‘Borboletinha.’

What makes a dance so remarkable, you might be asking. It’s not just any dance, though.
The steps may appear simple at first, but they might be difficult for children to follow.

For the dance, timing is everything.
The entire routine might unravel with one slip-up or missing beat.

The core of this dance is the rhythm. You’ll want to get involved since it’s so engrossing.

Imagine children moving backwards and forwards while leaping from one box to another as the beat is playing.

The dance requires concentration, but what is the prize?

A thrilling sense of satisfaction.

Not to mention the cute children who serve as the video’s main characters.

Their enthusiasm spreads quickly.

These little dancers took center stage and utterly stole the audience with only a brief demonstration from their trainer.

It’s understandable why the video has received over 7.2 million views and why many viewers have pushed the repeat button multiple times.

Think again if you believe that is all there is to it.

There has been a new rendition of the dance that includes grownups. This performance, which was uploaded by YouTube user Maria Jose Sanchez Parra, raises the bar.

It’s more challenging because two pairs must travel through a maze of squares starting from opposite ends.

It demonstrates the song’s broad appeal and shows that ‘Borboletinha” isn’t exclusively for children.

Finally, ‘Borboletinha’ is more than just a children’s song. It’s a phenomena in culture that brings people of all ages together in song and dancing.

This song and its accompanying dance offer a lovely escape, whether you’re a kid in a school or an adult looking for a fun challenge.

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