The little girl is waiting for the dancers to start moving to her favorite part of ‘Uptown Funk.’ See her amazing energy and moves below…

The song ‘Uptown Funk’ is regaining popularity.

Yes, you did hear it here first. Although the summer’s most popular song is no longer as popular as it once was, everyone,

regardless of age, agrees that Bruno Mars’ Motown homage is nothing short of a jam. Regardless of whether your point of view differs from ours, we have found a video to support it.

Ethan Turn and his niece were driving when the opening notes of Uptown Funk came on the radio. She listened intently as the music increased in intensity before slowing down in the end.

She responds in a way that is absolutely priceless when it occurs.

We know you’ve danced just like this before when your favorite song comes on the radio. In the realm of car dancing, this young child will succeed.

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