When their flight was delayed by five hours, two elderly men decided to sing to pass the time.

Being stuck on an airplane due to an unexpected delay is not fun. As a result, passengers become irritable, and the longer they are grumpy, the longer they have to wait.

The majority of individuals dislike not knowing how long they would be confined in an airline cabin prior to flight.

The four artists agreed to put on a performance for the passengers after the flight attendant had the wonderful idea to hire them.

The group was glad to entertain fellow travelers with an impromptu barbershop quartet concert while everyone waited for the repairs to be finished.

The passengers in the cabin were in for a treat.

The men instantly raised the mood of the entire group of travelers when they started singing in unison

their amusing song collection. Port City Sound probably gained a few new ardent supporters on that day.

Naturally, many guests opted to capture the amazing moment on their mobile devices. Some of them posted the videos on social media, where

they soon gained popularity and began to take off like wildfire. The quartet attracted a lot of attention with their clever performance!

These extraordinary entertainers went above and above to brighten everyone’s day!

They certainly deserve the accolades they’ve received for their willingness to work under pressure.

It is also appropriate to express gratitude to the flight attendant who had the foresight to ask for a portion of their exceptional knowledge.

Check out the amazing video below:

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