An adorable ‘graduation’ ceremony was held for 22-week preemie twins who defied the odds to go home with their parents.

A sweet ‘graduation’ was conducted for a set of twins who beat the odds despite being born at just 22 weeks and were eventually permitted to go home.

When Kimyah and DJ were born, their chances of surviving were estimated to be as low as 10%.

The infants could fit in their mother’s palms, making them the tiniest babies any Ohio nurses had ever seen.

But miraculously, they persevered and, after almost four months in intensive care, were discharged from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

The 11-month-old siblings were given hats and gowns to commemorate the occasion, and the staff staged a ‘graduation’ for the family to honor the auspicious occasion.

Mom Kimberly Thomas stated, ‘I was overjoyed when I found out they were able to come home. Becky Stuart, a nurse, described it as ‘a great celebration.

‘I cared for them as if they were my own children while they were in the NICU. I have a relationship with them that will last forever because I love them.

The amniotic fluid leak, which normally covers the fetus during pregnancy, the Bedford, Ohio, mother, 25, claims she first noticed something was wrong.

When she called her doctor, he discovered that she was four centimeters dilated and already in labor.

At little over five months along, Kimberly was informed that her twins had a 10% chance of surviving.

The twins were resuscitated and intubated as soon as they were delivered. The smallest-size diapers were still

too big for the twins, according to the nurses, who could fit each of them in the palm of their hands.

The nurse, Sara Perrin, remarked, ‘These were the tiniest babies I had ever seen, much less cared for.

For the first month of their life, their parents were not permitted to hold their newborns because their skin was too delicate to touch.

But until they were released, she stayed with them day and night in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Mom remarked, ‘I don’t believe there was ever a day that I didn’t spend at least a little while with

them, just to chat to my baby. ‘I spent nearly all of my four and a half months in the NICU.’

Even though DJ had a lung collapse and Kimyah had a tiny brain bleed while they were in the NICU, they were nevertheless able to reach their developmental milestones.

The twins were permitted to return home with their mother Kimberly and their father Damante Jackson after 138 days.

The twins are finally catching up to their height and weight targets, over a year after their birth.

The twins are still on track to meet their developmental goals, but it will be a few more years before it can be

determined whether they will face any developmental delays, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

However, Kimberly may now hold her kids anytime she wants to, allowing her to continue sharing in their milestone celebrations.

‘Kimyah and DJ are very active and love exploring,’ the mother remarked. ‘It was difficult

to fathom us ever reaching this moment when I considered everything they had to go through.
It wasn’t apparent whether they would be able to accomplish anything on their own.

They are now attempting to do everything independently.‘You must remain upbeat and concentrate on the result you desire.

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