When the Northern Lights appear over their wedding, the couple gets the ‘best ever’ wedding photos.

In Scotland, Chris Oman and Rebecca MacDonald were getting married, and Michael Carver was there to take images.

When his girlfriend texted Michael to let him know that the Northern Lights might be seen over the Bogbain Farm location, Michael was in the process of packing.

While setting up for what he knew might have been the chance of a lifetime, he requested a visitor to collect the bride and groom in the middle of their wedding afterparty.

‘I shouted at some poor guy who was smoking outside to quickly run in and grab the bride and groom while I set up my camera because I know how quickly this can come and go,’ Michael recalled.

‘I could see the heavens bursting with color, and I could even see them with my eyes. Chris had been located,

but Rebecca was nowhere to be seen. The Northern lights pulsed brilliantly as someone eventually took her

off the dance floor, giving me a little window of opportunity to attempt to take a picture.

Just seconds after Michael had taken a set of pictures, the newlyweds sprinted outdoors and positioned themselves before the lights faded into twilight.

Chris and Rebecca, a newlywed couple, were overjoyed with their images, which enhanced the magic of the evening.

Rebecca added, ‘There had been whispers all evening that there might be Northern Lights, but there had been no sign before Michael was departing.

‘After saying farewell, I overheard folks calling out to me and announcing that the lights were off. Chris and I were in the ideal spot thanks to Michael, and the pictures turned out beautifully.

‘It was just an incredible, unexpected way to celebrate our marriage! We both consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have witnessed such a show and have Michael photograph it so brilliantly.

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