A mother dog saves the life of an abandoned child by cuddling with her in the cold.

Dogs are such faithful, caring animals. They always look out for others, especially young children and newborns.

Due to some component of their innate protectiveness, they look after a young youngster.

In fact, a mother dog was found last month keeping a little child warm during the severe weather.

According to SWNS, locals in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh found the newborn in a field after hearing her scream.

The baby’s nakedness and the fact that her umbilical cord was still attached imply that her parents may have abandoned her.

Although she looked to be keeping the newborn warm by lying next to her throughout the night, the locals discovered her with a mother dog and her puppies.

The observers concluded that the dog’s maternal instincts most likely prevented the youngster from dying during the nocturnal temperature drop.

According to an anonymous resident who spoke to SWNS, ‘This new born had possibly been kept alive by the warmth from puppies and their mother

herself.’ After officers were sent to the scene to deal with the problem, the newborn, now known as Akanksha, was taken to the hospital for a doctor’s examination.

A criminal investigation is currently being conducted into the infant’s careless parents; according to a local resident named Premnath,

‘They are not parents, they are criminals.’ Even though the situation is awful, the baby’s survival is a miracle thanks to this loving mother dog.

‘It is a miracle that a newborn baby survives when stray dogs are occasionally lurking in the dead of night,’ one person said.

Observe the video:

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