Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Why did this perfect Hollywood marriage fall apart?

Each of them had many ups and downs, disappointments and losses in their lives before they met, and they were very similar.

It seemed that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, getting each other, could live together for an eternity.

They were even called the perfect Hollywood couple and considered a clear example that real feelings exist and can go through any test.

But once Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, the darlings of society, happy husbands and parents of three daughters, announced their divorce.

They are somewhat alike.The childhood of each of them was difficult to call cloudless, but at least Bruce had a normal family.

At that time, his existence was obscured only by an excruciating stutter, which manifested itself when the future actor began to worry.

The training of the theater group helped him to get rid of his disability. Here, Willis learned to overcome excitement and suddenly loved public speaking.

After graduating from school, he settled for odd jobs and dreamed of world fame. He worked at the NPP as a

guard and a private detective, and was admitted to the drama department of Montclair University.

Then he was a bartender in New York runways, played in an ensemble and hoped that one day a fateful

meeting would take place in his life, which would allow him to finally enter the world of cinema.

And once, in one of the bars, he was noticed by the casting director, who offered the charming bartender a role in a theatrical performance.

The actor had to wait for his star hour for several more years, until he plays his first significant role in the cinema,

and then he gets fame not only as a talented actor, but also as a conqueror of women’s hearts.

Demi Moore has been a little luckier. She never knew her father, and only at the age of 13 did she realize that her mother’s

husband was not her real father at all. But that was the least of all the shocks she had experienced at a very young age.

The mother and stepfathers were more obsessed with alcoholic drinks than with the upbringing of the girl (that was the name the girl was given at birth),

and she herself suffered from the ridicule of her classmates, who constantly hung on her delirium. The surgery later relieved the virginity.

The mother also did not contribute to her daughter’s self-confidence. When Demetra told her mother about

her dream of becoming famous, her parent advised her to look in the mirror more often and get rid of the nonsense.

The family constantly moved from place to place, so Demi had no friends, and the drunken scandals between her parents,

which reached a desperate fight, made the girl want to quickly run away from home. However, she did exactly that at the first opportunity.

And once in 1987 they met, the famous heartthrob Bruce Willis and the desperate conqueror of men Demi Moore.

As they left for the night that evening, they could not have imagined what their chance connections would lead to.

Passion absorbed them completely and it was simply impossible to separate. If both of them were not so cynical, they would have felt passionate love at first sight.

They didn’t want to part with each other for a minute, so just four months later, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore went

to Las Vegas, filmed a luxurious room at the Golden Nugget Hotel and celebrated their wedding.

And a month later, Demi, struggling to choose the words and desperately excited, told Bruce that they would have a child.

She said that she was afraid to see her husband in the eyes and not knowing how he would react to this news.

And then there were more and more rumors about the romances of Bruce Willis, and Demi Moore woke up with desperate jealousy.

She was going crazy with only one thought that her husband was flirting with his co-stars during filming, and she took revenge on him in the only known way, with extramarital affairs.

For some time, they still maintained the visibility of a normal family and, remaining out of another interest, pretended that everything in their common life was fine.

Mutual resentment had the ability to accumulate, and once Demi Moore realized that she could no longer tolerate it all.

Choosing the moment when her husband went to the shooting, she collected all her things and took them out of the house.

They separated in June 1998, and formalized the divorce only in 2000, realizing that the previous relationship was not subject to restoration.

It seemed that they would never be able to communicate normally at all, but Bruce and Demi Moore managed

to maintain, if not love, then friendship. And the best incentive for this was their daughters.

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