Melanie Griffith honors Stella’s birthday with unique images: ‘proud to be your mother’

Stella Banderas no longer goes by Griffith, but the young actress still has a close relationship with her famous mother,

Melanie, who recently gushed over her beautiful daughter on her 27th birthday with a heartfelt Instagram post.

The 66-year-old Lolita actress paid a heartfelt ode to Antonio Banderas, the only kid she had with her ex-husband and youngest child in her family of three.

On Sunday, Griffith posted a carousel of vintage images with the caption, ‘Happy Birthday, my beautiful Stella!’

But Stella received appreciation from more than just her mother! See what her charming father had to say by continuing to read!

On September 24, 1996, Stella del Carmen Banderas Griffith was born to Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, who were married for over 20 years before divorcing in 2015.

She was born in Spain, just like her well-known father, and is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish with ease.

The model and actress, according to People, states in court records that she wants ‘to shorten my name by removing the extra last name.’

In the file, Banderas stated, ‘Also, I rarely refer to myself or documents as ‘Griffith’…Thus, eliminating the term would be consistent with my usage.

Stella, Griffith’s only child with the Zorro actor, comes from a famous family that includes her maternal grandmother Tippi Hedren,

a star of the Alfred Hitchcock films, and her older half-brother Alexander Bauer, a product of Griffith’s relationship with Scarface and Breaking Bad actor Steven Bauer.

Additionally, Dakota Johnson, the actress of Fifty Shades of Grey, is Stella’s famous half-sister.

Griffith and her first husband, Don Johnson, who was married twice—once from 1976 to 1979 and again from 1989 to 1996—have a daughter named Dakota.

When Dakota gave a speech in 2019 to present her stepfather Banderas with an award at the Hollywood Film Awards ceremony,

she recalled that when she was six years old, her mother wed a man who brought a remarkably magical little sister

into our family as well as an unbelievably bright light and a whole new world of creativity and culture.

Additionally, Stella and Dakota made their theatrical debuts in the film Crazy in Alabama when they were just three years old.

The film was directed by Stella’s father and featured her real-life mother as the mothers of the two sisters.

Dakota recalled the first time she and her younger sister, Stella, went on set to make a movie: ‘Every time Antonio, my stepfather,

[Stella’s] dad, yelled, ‘Action,’ she’d flip out, just burst into tears, and she’d be screaming the entire take.

She would be in good spirits and hear him cry cut before approaching and saying, ‘Stella.’ She probably thought it was incredibly frightful when he cried ‘action.’

At the age of 26, Stella no longer shies away from the word ‘action,’ but she is taking a different route away from Hollywood.

Stella discovered her passions in fashion design and is also a model. She was on the cover of Glamour Spain in September 2020.

Stella still has a very tight relationship with both of her parents despite not choosing the same career route as her A-list famous parents.

The Working Girl actor gave her daughter Stella a lot of love with a tender Instagram post that featured a carousel of old pictures on Stella’s birthday.

‘Happy birthday to you, my lovely Stella! You have given our family and the world so much love, compassion,

and joy ever since the day you were born. With all of my heart, I adore you. I am privileged to be your mother, Griffith writes.

Wishes from fans flooded in, with many emphasizing the similarities between the mother and her two daughters.

‘Your daughters look so much like you. Such gorgeous ladies,’ one person writes, while another person comments, ‘Your mini-me! I’m glad you’re here.

In the meantime, Banderas, who performed the humorous Puss in Boots in the Shrek films, also wished his daughter well.

Banderas posted a second collection of images on Instagram that illustrate the daughter and father combination over time.

‘My dear daughter, your birth 27 years ago is still the most beautiful day of my life,’ Banderas writes in a translation from Spanish. Best wishes, Stella del Carmen.

The first person to comment on the post was Griffith, who wrote, ‘Our angel girl.’ Several admirers added their congratulations and well wishes, saying,

‘How nice you’re a terrific dad before a super actor, a father!!!! Please don’t alter!’ ‘Happy Birthday,’ one person comments,

‘may your path be filled with that magic we all need in our lives and that you sure know how to give it.’says another.

‘She has her daddy’s looks,’ a third responds.

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