In less than ten years, a kind Secret Santa has paid two visits to a mother of seven children.

A woman received a second visit from a Secret Santa and a group of well-meaning, cheerleading journalists

in a video that was uploaded to YouTube. Still, the seven-mother starts the six-and-a-half-minute video with an apology.

She added that she had intended to send this apology note for some time, as she wrote in an email.

She expresses regret for not responding in a way that was suitable for the camera and for not providing the journalists with quality television.

She continues by describing how greatly the $2,000 present that had astonished her at the time had eased her

family’s financial hardships. Her unexpected email makes it obvious that she made good use of the funds.

The journalistic team decided to give that woman another visit after an unexpected correspondence, but they offered her an even larger gift this time. She was given a $10,000 check by them!

The woman remarks that she and her family are in a much better place in life during the second visit.

Two of her children are married, so the majority of her kids are no longer living at home, and she recently started a new career.

She also describes in great detail how she practically clothed her family with the $2,000 present from years ago.

‘So, our bills were paid with the $2,000 we got for Christmas,’ she remarked. It filled the automobile with gas.

It provided my kids with some clothes, you know. It was only the simple things, but even though they seemed insignificant, to me they meant a lot.

She thanked him again for that money from all those years ago. She reacted significantly more when she opened the second check, the $10,000 one.

‘No way,’ she exclaimed. ‘Are you serious?’ That is very incredible!

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