Brad Pitt won the hearts of fans with his new image that rejuvenated him…

Brad Pitt once again proved that he can draw all the attention to himself. Yesterday, he appeared at the premiere of the new action film,

Faster than a Bullet, directed by David Leitch, where he played the lead role of an assassin.
The filming crew in Paris answered journalists’ questions about the upcoming film.

We’re sure Brad Pitt is irresistible as always in his new role, but for now we’ll just have to enjoy the look he chose for the last event.

Brad Pitt posed in the background of the Eiffel Tower.The actor wore a soft peach casual suit paired with a slightly darker shade of T-shirt.

Brad Pitt completed the outfit with sunglasses and a gold chain. In this way, he will simply win the hearts of his fans and not only.

Brad Pitt has spoken candidly with GQ magazine about his battle with the rare health condition prosopagnosia.

With such a disorder, a person cannot perceive other people’s faces, often sufferers of this disease can hardly recognize even their closest people.

The actor admitted how this problem affected his relationships with other people.

It should be noted that recently he announced that he will end his acting career after several films.

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