The 90-year-old security turned the school into an art gallery …

This year, the students of Yekaterinburg school had an incredible surprise.

The artist decorated all the corridors of the three-story building with huge paintings with mythical motifs. And all this at the age of 90.

We suggest you visit an unusual gallery together and see the work of a man who has become the pride of an entire city.

Now journalists do not give Valery Alexandrovich Kharlamov a break, they constantly visit him to see the unique artist and his work.

But just months ago, he was an ordinary school guard with amazing talent.

Kharlamov dedicated 25 years of his life to the school, but he did not always work as a guard. Valery is a real artist at heart, and a fine art teacher by profession.

When the subject was removed from the school curriculum, Kharlamov chose to stay at the school,

although not in the most prestigious position. But outside the walls of the educational institution, he never stopped painting.

The illustration of the school walls is the largest artistic project of Kharlamov’s life. In such a short period of time,

the artist managed to make dozens of huge paintings from floor to ceiling on all three floors of the building.

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