The singing parrot will delight you with an interesting and funny song…Video below

The bird sings so hard that it could be sent to a famous talent show

Parrots have different talents, it is especially interesting to hear how they talk. This cockatoo went even further and learned Sia’s song ‘Chandelier’.

Listening to the feathered singer perform this complex composition is very funny. The birds belonging to this family are divided into 3 groups: true parrots, cockatoos and New Zealand parrots.

They are distributed in tropical and subtropical areas: Australia, India, Southwest Asia, West Africa, Central America and South America.

More than 300 species of parrots are known. The most famous are Australian cockatoos and rosellas, African inseparables, American macaws and Amazons.

They are colorful birds with short necks, large heads, beaks and powerful beaks. They live in the tropical forests of Africa, America and Australia.

Parrots come in different sizes. The length of the wavy parrot is only 18 cm, and the South American giant macaw is up to 1 m. The feathers are colored bright green, blue, red, yellow, rarely black or gray.

For example, the owl-like parrot living in New Zealand only knows how to walk and in case of danger hides in a nest in the roots of trees.

Parrots eat fruits, seeds, buds, and sometimes insects. They break the skin of the fruits and seeds of plants with their beaks and feed on the pulp.

Large parrots can crack the toughest nut. The beak also helps them climb tree branches. They live in herds.

They nest in tree trunks, rock crevices, sometimes on the ground. They lay 1-12 (often 2-5) white eggs.

The female or the male broods. The young hatch from the eggs naked, helpless and blind. The cubs are taken care of by the male and the female.

In the wild, parrots communicate with each other with sharp, ear-piercing screeches or soft squawks.

They are curious, resourceful, well acclimatized, some species (jacko, cockatoo, several species of Amazons) are capable of uttering words and even sentences.

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