A heartwarming moment was captured outside a hospice room when family members said farewell to an aviation super-fan diagnosed with a terminal cancer.

A touching scene as family members bid farewell to an aviation superfan who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer was caught outside a hospice room.

The 66-year-old was taken aback when hospice personnel brought him outside and instructed him to gaze up.

His family had arranged for a pilot to sketch a happy face above Worcester, an English city southwest of Birmingham.

Ray Stanton, a retired transportation engineer, was nicely depicted as a gigantic smiling face by aerobatic pilot Rich Goodwin.

Ray, together with his wife, Angela, son, and daughter, enjoyed the presentation. Ray had a lifelong fascination for aircraft.

According to Angela, his kids have happy memories of accompanying their father, who would share his vast knowledge with them, to air shows and museums.

The employees of St. Richard’s Hospice, where Chief Executive Mike Wilkerson saw the priceless moments being created for Ray and his family, assisted in planning the surprise.

For everyone observing, this was such a unique occasion. We are honored to have played a part in its realization.

Angela was appreciative of the generosity that appeared above as well as the compassion displayed on the ground.

It was amazing to witness Ray’s smile after seeing the smile in the sky.It’s been a long since I’ve seen him smile. This place provides care that is unparalleled.

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