A very kind client left the waitress a big tip along with directions on how to spend it.

Kindness can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Kindness may make someone’s day, week, or year,

whether it takes the form of an unplanned word of encouragement, a small gesture like holding the door for someone, or a kind wave or head nod.

But some people might be able to unintentionally provide others with financial blessings. A $500 gratuity was given to Clair Howell, a waiter in a Manhattan restaurant, as seen in a YouTube video.

As the video illustrates, the tip was applied to a $232 bill. Clair was delighted as she explained her unexpectedly hefty gratuity in an interview.

Clair remarked, ‘I’m just like, in total shock.’ “Like, how about that? And as I turn to glance around, they are completely gone.

However, there was more printed on the bill than just the $500 gratuity. Clair had received a message from his customers. It contained instructions on how she was to use the $500.


Clair claimed that she conversed with the patrons and inquired about their intentions while they were eating.

She inquired as to whether they were seeing a Broadway show. Actually, they were going to a Broadway play. They had ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ on TV.

Clair booked a ticket for the play online that evening, following the instructions that the kind patrons had provided her. The admission price was more than doubled by the tip.

Clair stated that she felt compelled to take the advice of the patrons and purchase a ticket for herself to the performance rather than spending the money elsewhere.

There are still considerate, giving, and kind people in the world. Like the people who gave Claire a tip, the majority also don’t look for praise for their generosity.

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