Grandmother is moved to tears when her grown grandchildren surprise her with…

A video that was shared on social media depicts seven grown relatives arriving to their grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve without warning.

Their grandfather and grandma are clearly confused and unsure of what to make of their visitors’ abrupt presence based on the perplexed expressions on their faces.

The adult grandkids joyfully declare that they have arrived at their grandparents’ house for a sleepover, carrying sleeping bags, blankets, and other necessities.

As her grandmother opens the door, one woman says, ‘We came to have a sleepover.’‘You arrived to host a sleepover?” inquires the granny.

When the grandmother realizes what they are up to, she is thrilled with their plans for the evening.That’s fantastic, the granny remarks. ‘Are you serious?’

A little while later in the video, someone asks her grandma if she is disturbed by her grandchildren showing up in her house out of the blue.

‘That’s the most amazing Christmas gift ever,’ she exclaims.

A few moments later, the grandmother’s emotions get the better of her.The kind, heartfelt, and affectionate intentions of her grandkids to spend the night with her move her.

The grandmother starts crying and covers her face with her hands. She is embraced affectionately by two of her granddaughters as they approach.

What a small, yet heartfelt act that probably meant the world to those grandparents—especially to the grandmother, as the video illustrates.

Who wouldn’t want a surprise this sweet?

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