Parents Play Their Child a Special Song, and Her Joy Spreads Throughout the Room. VIDEO

Youngsters like music because it may evoke both serenity and excitement in them. Youngsters raised in musical families are inclined to be more imaginative than their parents were.

Anna and John Dowling are both fiddlers. John plays the banjo. Their baby loves to listen to their music.

John is an Englishman from Cornwall whose music has won awards. He was even on a TV show with a musical theme. He used to be a violinist, but these days he plays the banjo instead.

Though it has a different tone, the banjo and mandolin are comparable. There are Africans who think that only a select few people are able to play the banjo, making it unique.

Although it has been used in other genres as well, country and bluegrass music is where it is most known.

John likes to perform country music, and he likes to collaborate with Anna on music. They also wrote a few songs just for their little one.

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