Simon Cowell responds to reports of a “mystery illness” following his absence from the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ filming.

After speculation of a ‘mystery illness’ started circulating, Simon Cowell has decided to set the truth straight.

Judging by their recent absence from filming of Britain’s Got Talent, the judge from America’s Got Talent has been the subject of suspicion.

The internet has informed me that I have a ‘mystery illness,’ he tweeted.The 64-year-old Cowell informed anxious fans of his absence.

With a picture of himself sporting rose-colored spectacles, he added, ‘For anyone concerned, I missed two auditions

at the end of one day, two weeks ago, because I do get migraines after long days in the filming lights.’

The TV star ‘occasionally gets migraines from being under the bright filming lights for long stretches,’ a source said. To try and stave off a crippling attack, Cowell wears tinted spectacles.

The person told People, ‘He’s in fantastic health, better than ever, and great fitness too. He started reformer Pilates for strengthening his back

and bikes and walks a lot every day.’ ‘Everyone who knows him says he should get out a pair of his own light-blocking glasses so he can help others.’

Any rumors that Cowell ‘left the show’ or had a ‘disease,’ according to the source, were ‘maliciously exaggerated’ and ‘complete nonsense.’

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