Following the controversy over a video of her waving to fans, Anne Hathaway’s actions were criticized as rude.

Anne Hathaway’s admirers argued over whether or not the actress was being impolite in a video of her. She was seen mingling with admirers following an Italian Valentino fashion show in the video.

Hathaway implored the ecstatic audience to calm down in Italian as she made her way to her car, explaining that there were too many people for her to be able to take pictures with.

She did, however, willing to stand and wave for pictures. She expressed regret to a fan for being unable to snap a picture because doing so would have required taking one with everyone.

Hathaway can be heard on the video saying, ‘I can’t take pictures with everyone.’ But if you want to take a picture, I’ll just stand here and wave.

There are too many of you for me to sign.
Hathaway commended the audience for their patience.

Views among the fans were divided. While some felt Hathaway was fake-polite and patronizing, others thought she was courteous and not required to interact with people.

Having experienced hate on the internet in the past, Hathaway revealed in 2022 that she had learned to stay away from sites that promote negativity in order to save her mental health.

She gave an explanation, saying, ‘I had no desire to have anything to do with this negative energy,’ in reference to previous criticism.

I would no longer use this location to produce art. I would no longer give it room, no longer be afraid of it,

and I would never again speak its language. ‘Hate seems to me to be the opposite of life, in which nothing can grow properly,’ Hathaway said in her conclusion.

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