Funny Reaction From A Jealous Bunny When Its Owner Holds Another Animal…Must see video

Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows that they need to be given some attention as well. A brief yet humorous movie demonstrates

the intense need for attention that a single bunny rabbit has, along with its hilarious method of obtaining it.

A woman is seen sitting peacefully on the floor on the left side of the frame in the black-and-white clip.

She cradles a bunny rabbit in her hands. She even plants a tender kiss on the rabbit’s head.

Not everyone found this amusing, despite the fact that it is a lovely and heartwarming moment of a human being paying attention to a cute, furry, four-legged friend.

A second rabbit rests on the couch in the center of the screen. The small animal observes the exchange between the young woman and the other rabbit as it sits facing its owner.

The bunny is furious and disgusted by what has happened, and it has discovered a novel method to express these feelings.

The rabbit on the couch turns toward the inside of the furniture a few seconds after the woman gives the

rabbit in her arms a quick kiss on top of its head. The rabbit’s actions are momentarily puzzling, but they quickly make perfect sense.

With its mouth, the rabbit takes the young woman’s phone and hurls it to the ground. The rabbit glares at the woman as it turns back after completing its playful and attention-seeking act.

The bunny is expressing its emotions quite clearly. The woman’s technological devices will get damaged, but she can keep cuddling the rabbit in her hands.

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