Twenty years after a little boy confessed his feelings for his best friend, the two finally tied the knot (Learn More About Their Story)

Love stories have a habit of taking unexpected turns. In a heartwarming story that started almost twenty years ago,

Matt Grodsky announced his intention to marry his preschool classmate Laura Scheel when he was just three years old.

What what appeared to be pure childhood love developed into an amazing journey of love, parting, and finally, a lifetime commitment.

When Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel were three years old, their love story began in preschool classes.

Enthralled with Laura’s presence, Matt attempted to win her over with his impressions of movie quotes, especially from The Lion King.

Their first recollections are characterized by play dates, parent-supervised movie outings, and the carefree allure of childish emotions.

When most kids were preoccupied about sleeping mats and lunches, Matt bravely confessed his love for Laura in front of their preschool buddies one day.

Not caring about the ensuing chuckles, Matt said with assurance, ‘Just you wait.’ They had no idea that it would take some time to make good on that promise.

The young couple lost contact when they attended different elementary schools, as fate would have it.

But their families’ yearly Christmas card exchange offered a window into one another’s lives.

Only in the autumn of their first year of high school did Laura get back in touch with Matt because she was intrigued by a friend’s discovery.

Despite going to different states for education, their friendship developed into a romantic partnership.

Matt and Laura faced the difficulties of a long-distance relationship when they enrolled in different colleges more than 1,600 miles away.

Using technology to help them communicate, they resolutely set up a visitation schedule and watched Friends on Netflix together when they were apart.

Approaching their final year, Matt brought Laura back to their preschool on May 23, 2015, the starting point of it all.

He got down on one knee with an engagement ring he had bought two months earlier, a dramatic turn of events leading up to his proposal.

The proposal was made with a heartfelt picnic basket—the same one Matt’s father used to pop the question to his mother—and was seen by Matt’s brother.

Sparkling cider and bridal magazines complemented the scene. Laura, of course, responded with a resounding and deeply felt ‘yes.’

On December 30, 2016, Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel exchanged vows following a journey spanning more than two decades.

Grodsky’s uncle, who presided over the ceremony, skillfully summed up Matt and Laura’s special love tale by

highlighting the fact that, in contrast to most children, Matt and Laura were searching for their soul mates.

The online community took notice of their love tale. The Way We Met, an Instagram account, recounted Matt and Laura’s travels one day and received over 30,000 likes.

We get to know a little bit of their lives through their shared Facebook profile, @preschoolsweethearts,

where they introduce themselves as ‘the couple that met in preschool, dated for eight years, and got married.’ They now have two young daughters, Hallie and Lily.

The pair Laura and Matt represent authentic love. Their moving story serves as a reminder that childhood’s innocent feelings can grow into lifelong bonds.

The tale of Matt and Laura shows us the value of holding onto hope, preserving memories, and trusting in the strength of heartfelt commitments.

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