55-year-old Pamela Anderson is not afraid to show what she looks like without makeup…

Iconic actress and model, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has always been known for her good looks and enviable figure.

Now the celebrity is 56 years old, but with age she has not lost confidence in herself and her beauty.

On the contrary, the woman is more satisfied with herself than ever. Pamela is so confident in herself

and is not afraid to show herself even without makeup. The fact is that the star has its secrets.

Pamela Anderson recently posted stunning makeup-free photos on her Instagram. Many fans of the star took it as proof that ageless beauty is possible.

In the photos, Anderson posed very naturally. She has modest clothes and natural hair. Also, the celebrity did not hide her freckles for the photo. They look great, by the way.

Pamela shared that lately she prefers to see herself without makeup. In a post on the Internet, she wrote a touching message.I’d rather show off my freckles. Getting old is fun.

This is a relief. And at a certain age, we simply look younger and fresher without makeup. This is me and I’m happy with who I am now. It’s a new world and I’m so thankful for all the love.’

The actress and model prefers to spend money not on decorative cosmetics, but on personal care. ‘Even though we’re out of our comfort zone, taking care of ourselves is important,’ says Pamela.

Her self-care routine includes a good massage, which the star does regularly, and an oxygenating facial.

Anderson also likes Pilates, but when she’s busy with work, walking in the park and stretching are enough to keep her in shape.

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