Even though it took a while for your mail to reach you, this letter breaks the record. It was gone for eight decades!

The letter was mailed to Mr. and Mrs. Louis George at a street in Dekalb, Illinois, in 1943, during World War II.

Only, the envelope did not say ‘IL.’ That might have been the cause of the letter’s prolonged disappearance.

The letter arrived after all these years. The granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. George is interviewed in the film

and discusses the contents of the letter, which contained condolences following the loss of a baby.

The letter was discovered at the neighborhood post office, and what added intrigue to the tale was that it had been sent from a mere 50 miles away.

The letter didn’t have to travel very far to get where it was meant to, but something had to go wrong to stop it in its tracks.

The granddaughter also mentions how much knowing her grandparents had gotten this letter would have meant to them.

When an inquisitive postal worker discovered the family on social media, the letter found its way to the granddaughter.

The idea that a letter made it through after all this time is miraculous. How could it have survived, and where had it been for eight decades?

‘Having worked at the post office, the letter possibly slipped under a shelf at the mail carriers case or route,’ said a commenter who has experience working at a post office.

When I was organizing my route shelving one day, I came across some office card items that were 30 years old—they weren’t mail.

The most plausible explanation for why it was never delivered in the 1940s is this.

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