While Mark Ruffalo is attempting to leave 13 Going on 30, Jennifer Garner Approaches Him in a Sweet Way.

The actress mocked her former co-star for trying to back out of the movie in a kind and funny way.

Jennifer Garner is humorously making fun of her friend. The 51-year-old actress was there on Thursday to support Mark Ruffalo at

his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. She did not, however, overlook cracking a joke about her co-star on the TV series 13 Going on 30.

‘How fortunate are we to be in a movie that still has meaning for people, even though kids are dressing up for Halloween?’

Speaking about their popular romantic comedy that she and Ruffalo had co-created, Garner expressed amazement.

‘I wonder if my colleagues—Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley, and Reese Witherspoon—would agree that Mark owes this success in the

romance film industry to his messy hair and his untucked cute button down, both of which became the standard for cute guys everywhere for the next 20 years,’ she said,

bringing up a few of the other jokes Ruffalo had made fun of them. ‘I wonder if these distinguished women found Mark’s nervousness amusing as much as I did.’

As Ruffalo laughed beside Garner, she remarked, ‘I wonder if he tried to drop out of their films like he did out of ours after the first rehearsal of the ‘Thriller’ dance,

where Mark went from kind of shocked that we actually had to do this, to antsy, to a deathly quiet, to, ‘Bro, this is not for me.’’

‘There is a connection between the well-liked character Matty in 13 Going on 30 and Duncan in Poor Things,’ Garner said as she wrapped up her remarks.

A shared thread of nervousness, for sure; of having a purpose, of knowing the story; of being a person of character;

of supporting your fellow actors; of bringing your family along for every minute of every performance; and of joyfully coming up.

Your supervisor stated, ‘Mark, to work with you is to love you.’ She concluded with a witty comment,

‘I don’t care what anyone says.’ ‘You enable everyone to fully comprehend who you are, including your audience, coworkers, and the entire globe. Greetings and congrats, Mark. Our affection is yours.

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