For her rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’ on The Voice, a young singer brought tears to the eyes of the judges.

With her rendition of “You Raise Me Up,” Carlotta Bach, a teenage contestant on The Voice of Germany,

left a lasting effect on both the judges and the studio audience. One judge said the vocal performance was so amazing that it actually brought tears to her eyes.

Carlotta doesn’t sound at all stressed, but she does seem a little uneasy. Rather, she delivers an impeccable performance from start to finish.

She has the voice of someone who has been entertaining sold-out audiences on stages for decades.

Additionally, around the one-minute mark in the video, Carlotta even made a judge cry. One judge moves to

the front of the bench and leans in. When he moves, it seems tears have begun to build up in both of his eyes.

When she finishes her performance, the same emotional judge gets up and says, “Yes!” with excitement.

The young lady received a standing ovation from the judges after her astounding performance, which had

them all on their feet. In a similar vein, there was a raucous round of clapping and cheers from the studio audience.

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