On her son’s military holiday, mom takes a photo of him, and she spots a woman standing behind him. She immediately knows who she is…

Without a doubt, being in the Armed Forces is a challenge, and having a son or daughter in the military is amazing but also just as challenging in every way,

particularly when it comes to their longevity and safety. As a result, you take advantage of every opportunity to visit your child as much as you can!

Because her son Gavin enlisted in the US Army and is currently doing basic training there, Heather Almond is constantly reminded of this!

Heather did not think twice to seize the chance to spend the weekend with her son and traveled to Fort Benning, Georgia, to be with him.

She brought her toddler to a sushi restaurant in the area for lunch, but when she went to get the bill,

she was taken aback by something she hadn’t expected. She had to post what transpired on Facebook after that:

My daughter and mother went with me to Fort Benning the previous weekend so I could visit my son.

He is currently going through basic training, and he spent the weekend with his family. Given his affinity for sushi, we chose to eat at a Japanese restaurant.

The waitress told us that our son’s service was appreciated and that the people at the adjacent table had covered our bill.

This happened when it came time to pay for the dinner we had ordered, which came to about one hundred bucks.

They had left by the time I realized what had happened, but not before I had taken a picture of my child with one of the males in the backdrop.

I cannot tell you who she is, but I can tell you that it meant everything to us both. We’re going to come up with a plan to return the favor.

These good folks witnessed Gavin having fun with his family during his time away from basic training and

expressed their wish to help him without ever speaking to him. Gavin’s family will always remember this special day for the rest of their lives!

Do you have any military experience, or is it unlikely that you have ever received a selfless act? Have you ever performed an act of selfless kindness for someone else,

like assisting a service member? Let us know in the comments if you are helping in any way!

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