A book written by his grandmother 50 years ago was brought to life with his determination to get it published. Her reaction is incredible(video)

She was overtaken with emotion when she unwrapped the gift. She had written this book fifty years prior, but it had never found a publisher. She said, ‘I did not know how to reply,’ as she fell silent.

The children’s book, More! More! More!, tells the tale of two little girls. A wealthy individual and a poor individual make friends.

Barbara had previously attempted to get her novel published, but she was never successful in finding an agent.

She recited passages from a couple of the rejection letters she had preserved and read aloud on camera.

‘It started when I was maybe eight years old.’ The grandchild says, ‘Chad.’ ‘So, I’ve always known in the back of my mind that she wanted to publish her book.’

Chad uploaded the book to Amazon after self-publishing it. Chad and Barbara weren’t prepared for the book to become a bestseller;

they both assumed they would only sell a small number of copies. Once more, Barbara is left stunned when Chad informs her that the book is a bestseller.

Barbara embraces and kisses her grandson at the conclusion of the video. She then says something like,

‘This is probably the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for me in my entire life,’ which you can hear.

It gives you hope to never give up on your aspirations to hear tales like these. You never know what the future holds.

Even if you may experience some form of rejection, there is always hope for brighter times ahead.

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