Brad Pitt’s former roommate revealed the actor’s ‘disgusting’ habit.

Hollywood star Brad Pitt’s old roommate, Jason Priestley, is an actor best known for Beverly Hills, 90210.

He just revealed some fascinating insights regarding their shared living situation. The actor discussed Pitt’s pre-fame hygiene practices and their ‘disgusting’ attributes.

Before Brad Pitt became well-known, in the early 1990s, he shared a residence with a roommate. Along with Pitt and another roommate,

Jason Priestley—who is well known for playing Brandon Walsh in Beverly Hills, 90210—shared an apartment.

This modest residence was located in an unglamorous area of Los Angeles. The three men shared a small, two-bedroom apartment.

Priestley revealed his previous living situation when he appeared on Live! With Kelly and Mark recently.

He was funny and told some amusing stories. Brad Pitt may not have been the greatest roommate, but he certainly wasn’t the worst either.

Priestley disclosed an odd tidbit regarding the A-list star’s personal hygiene routine. Priestley claimed that the roommates used to play an odd game.

To see who could go without taking a shower for the longest, they would hold a competition. As it turned out, Pitt was the clear winner of this cleaning contest.

He was able to go for extended periods without showering. When Priestley thinks back on the ‘disgusting’ game they played,

he said he wonders now what was going through their minds at the time. He also made a joke about Pitt possibly not doing it anymore. Brad Pitt has not yet responded to Priestley’s disclosure.

Priestley exposed insights of his life before celebrity and released a memoir. He revealed the financial hardships that he and Pitt had in those early years.

Their scant diet consisted of cheap thrills and ramen noodles. Together, the pair overcame the difficulties of being impoverished and wanting to be artists.

Priestley remembers their friendship even after time passed and their careers in entertainment eventually took different turns.

Naturally, the actors drifted apart as they achieved success in their individual professions. Priestley,

with his spell on Beverly Hills, 90210, and Pitt, with his breakthrough part in Thelma and Louise. Still,

Priestley treasures the humorous stories from their common history. It offers a glimpse into the unique bond they forged as struggling artists in Hollywood.

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