Funny Little Girl Shows Her True Emotions During Dance Recital

Kids are incredibly honest people. Every parent is aware that children will eventually express whatever they are feeling or thinking at the moment.

They still lack the mental filter that prevents grownups from speaking about every single thing that crosses their minds.

Children are entirely honest not only with their thoughts and words, but also with their facial expressions.

In a brief YouTube video, a young woman expressed her displeasure over participating in a dance recital.

How can we be certain she wasn’t happy? Her face was covered in it.The young child looks off the stage behind her at the beginning of the 45-second footage.

But the tiny girl gives the audience a cruel look when she turns back to face them as her fellow performers execute their choreographed dance moves.

She doesn’t care if other people find out that she’s upset over something.A few seconds into the film, text appears that encapsulates the young woman’s feelings over her current role on stage.

The passage begins, ‘POV: you absolutely hate your life and your mom put you in the twinkle baby dance.’

The young, enraged woman glares at the other kids as they carry on with their dance moves. She doesn’t

even try a mediocre dance move. She is clearly expressing her displeasure to everyone who is observing.

It’s possible that many can identify with the young woman’s emotions. It’s unlikely that most individuals would be overly enthusiastic about being made to take part in a dancing recital.

This video provides more evidence that kids can be among the most truthful people in our society. That candor is oftentimes funny.

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