Pianist amazes Classical Music Audience with an unusual Moonlight Sonata Dubstep Remix. Video

The excellent pianist Lionel Yu is the owner of the Musical Basics YouTube channel. On July 28, 1989, he was born in Hangzhou, China.

He was raised in Maryland after his parents later immigrated to the United States. His early years are mostly unknown, but his parents pushed him to take piano lessons when he was still a little child.

His passion was playing the piano, therefore he practiced all through school. At this time, he also developed a deep affinity for the composition of classical music.

In contrast to many well-known artists, Lionel attended business school full-time rather than a music school.

He did, however, carry on with his studies, going to the famous Juilliard School and New York University for composition and piano classes.

Lionel’s greatest love remained music.
Lionel expressed his belief that even seemingly straightforward

melodies and harmonies hold deep significance and, when executed skillfully, have the power to inspire and transform people’s lives.

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