This is the boy who was adopted by Angelina Jolie… Check out the post to see what he looks like after 19 years!

The well-known Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie initially took on the role of foster mother in 2001.

She then got married to Billy Bob Thornton and had two boys with him. By sheer happenstance, the actor was already deeply engaged in humanitarian work when she landed in Cambodia.

Among the kids she met was 7-month-old Rat Vibol, a male. Jolie remembered him as the first baby she had pulled up and pressed against her.

Now there was no question about it; the child would have to travel with her. Billy Bob Thornton, Jolie’s husband, reared him as if he were his own child, but following their divorce,

Jolie took on the role of sole guardian. Maddox The child born to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shortly after the actress’s marriage to the actor is Jolie Pitt.

The most important thing is that, even though Jolie is a kind and understanding mother who never forbids anything from her kids, the fact that they all grew up in love still stands.

Maddox, who is 19 years old, is a skilled musician with three languages under his belt. He has also honed his unique taste and flair.

In addition to spending a lot of time with his mother at work, he has a keen interest in movies. Maddox supported his mother throughout Jolie and Pitt’s divorce proceedings.

The actress and her child are very close friends, and the actress has complete faith in her child.

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