This little baby and her father took over the internet in just 9 seconds. Just see what they do(video)

A very talented man decided to open his own channel on Youtube. There he began to share his creativity with people under the pseudonym La Guardia Cross.

It turned out that the guy is an excellent beatboxer who writes his own songs and is happy to show them to the public.

He also likes to show small episodes from life, combining them in a small composition. This original young man quickly

became famous precisely because of his unusual approach to business, which has long since become commonplace.

La Guardia Cross is a talented beatboxer who can make music out of absolutely any extraneous sounds and words. We have to give his credit, he deserves his popularity.

Recently, this modern musician became a father for the first time in his life. It is not difficult to imagine that his life has radically changed.

But La Guardia Cross did not abandon his music lessons. On the contrary, he was able to successfully

combine his passion with his beloved daughter. The first joint video, which the man posted on the Internet, lasts only 9 seconds.

But even these crumbs are enough to smile and get a positive charge for the whole day. In this video,

the musician’s daughter is only 7 months old. But La Guardia Cross decided to instill a love of music in the child from that age.

And this is the right decision
Who would have thought that famous fathers could treat their children like this?

Watch and enjoy! Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family.

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