When siblings see their newborn sister for the first time in the hospital, their reactions are the cutest.

Every child cherishes the moment they get to see their baby brother. Knowing that one is about to become a big brother or sister is a significant milestone for any child.

There is also a sensation of wonder when meeting the newborn. Instagram mom Haley Moore (@halesmoore) released a video of her two older children, Kove and Rosie,

reacting to their newborn baby sister Haven. The video has received 108 million views and 6 million likes on social media platforms.

The adorable video shows the elder sister and younger brother going into the hospital room together,

holding hands, to visit their baby sister. They have ‘Big Sis’ and ‘Big Bro’ emblazoned on their t-shirts, which adds to their adorableness.

Moore says, ‘She’s waiting for you.’ to them. They rush to Haven’s bedside, where they are mesmerized

by the adorable infant. The mother receives a small bunny as a gift from her older brother, Kove, for Haven.

As Kove tenderly strokes the infant’s cheeks, the parents allow Moore to say, ‘She’s looking at you.’ Kove couldn’t have looked happier when they let him hold the baby for a little while.

They both stare in wonder at their little sister as Rosie sits right next to him. Kove gives the infant a nice peck on the cheek as Rosie gently raises her head.

After giving her some cuddles, Kove asks Rosie, ‘Bub, can it be my turn now?’ Holding Haven in her arms, Rosie beams with joy.

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