An 84-year-old skydiver has made 600 jumps from aircraft. Video

Flying is nothing to fear for Kim Emmons Knor. The 84-year-old woman is not like most people, though, for that reason. She likes to leap from aircraft.

Kim admitted that she had jumped off of planes hundreds of times in an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. She has jumped 607 times in total!

Kim clarified that her fascination with skydiving began when she was just 6 years old, after her uncle returned from his time spent undergoing flight training in the Navy.

Kim spent numerous nights sleeping under a damaged parachute that her uncle had brought home.

The stories her uncle told her about having to leap out of a burning jet captivated and enchanted her.

Kim remarked, ‘And ever since that day, I just want to jump.’ ‘My desire is to jump all the time.’Kim went on to say that she had a favorite thing to do when she jumps out of an airplane.

Kim remarked, ‘Being under a canopy is my favorite thing.’ ‘I love to open high so I can just drift around and watch that world down there passing by, but a freefall is fun and everything.’

The aging daredevil has no intention of quitting. She informed Jennifer that she is on schedule to reach her 1,000th jump!

What a fascinating, daring woman who has often stood high above the earth and descended swiftly toward it, giving her a unique viewpoint on God’s magnificent creation.

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